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For over 18 years OMG has been writing and creating DRTV long-form and short-form shows. But we know that the opportunity to fully exploit your product or service does NOT end there. We pride ourselves on our ability to create multi-channel applications for every D-to-C project that hits the airways. We are seasoned wordsmiths and content masters skilled at moving, persuading and selling the consumer wherever we can reach them: web sites, micro-sites, landing pages, content sites, print ads, radio ads, direct mail pieces, email marketing, electronic PR, lead generating promos, contests, infographs, intellectual property booklets, diets, meal plans, how-to guides, commissioned books, etc.

A Story for Every Channel!

To us, marketing is ALL about content or what used to be called copy. Ah yes, remember copy? In the old days it was delivered via your mailbox, radio, subscription magazines, newspaper, or TV. Now it is mostly "searchable" and available via the internet or social media. Content in any form helps the consumer find you and helps you, in turn find a way to directly sell your product or service. While many talk about the irrelevance of copy and salesmanship with the advent of electronic media, we believe that words are more important NOW than ever before. Wordsmithing remains a critical craft for Television, Radio, Direct Mail, and Print Advertising. Word mastery now also fuels Search, PPC, Electronic PR, Mobile

The proper arrangement of just a few words can make or break a tweet. Their sparing assembly can embolden a display ad. Their careful construction is the backbone of mobile marketing. In addition, now more than ever before our headlines have to be better, our subject lines have to be sharper, and our call to action must be far superior then in years past.

Smart Content - Make it Relative. Make it Personal!

And then there is "Smart Content." This is highly relevant, intelligent content that is germane, applicable and pertinent to your audience. Through our 20+ years in Marketing we have found that there exists a distinct consumer identity inherent in all marketing channels. Meaning, a given channel tends to define the consumer that dwells within it.

So our personality traits are intrinsically tied to how we information gather, browse, seek data and shop. This is no different than traditional TV, Magazine or Radio viewership, readership and listenership demographic data. So it's important to prepare unique content for all channels new and old. Above all, don't cut and copy content into all places and expect ideal results. Take the "Smart Content" approach and seek out Content and Channel experts like us.

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