Lead Generation and Management

With our access to high-quality B-to-B and D-to-C lists for mail, email, and phone ... we can find the leads you need! Add our multi-channel mastery, and we can sell your product or service, warm up fresh leads for your own sales people, or just hand them off to you as soon as you want them.

If you don't have a dedicated call center, we do! And we will script and equip your telephone representatives with the very best verbal selling tools available. The art of scripting is one of the most important aspects of any lead conversion program. A script is a living and changing document. It must be refined on a regular basis for optimal effectiveness and conversion.

A script is only as good as it is reactive to the behavior to the caller. We listen to each call, monitor our reps, and get critical feedback so that our conversion efforts constantly improve.

This is the only way that we can understand objections and learn to overcome them. We must also provide finger-tip FAQ's to answer easy questions that might otherwise derail a prospect, buyer or qualified lead.

Here are our 5 steps for proper LEAD MANAGEMENT:

  1. Custom Sales Scripting
  2. Key Prospect Warming
  3. Strategic Lead Capture
  4. Rigorous Objection Busting
  5. Strong Close Techniques