Print and Direct Mail

      At OMG we will create concise and effective Direct Mail, Print Ad and Package Insert campaigns for your products or services, or we will make recommendations on existing campaigns to get you greater results. Our Print and Direct Mail services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Product Photography
  • Design
  • Mail House Set-up
  • Fulfillment House Set-up
  • List Acquisition
  • Print Media Placement
  • Results Reporting

      Our Direct Mail programs have pulled as high as 3%-5% on cross-sells to other files and as high as 8%-10% to Inquiry names. We have successfully converted inquiry customers for several clients. Our print ads, when carefully tested and analyzed, have done better yet. We have multiple print formats we can recommend depending upon the item and the price point. These include two-steps, lead generators, and direct sell style ads. Our Package Insert programs have also consistently delivered additional and often unanticipated revenues.