Social and Web Marketing

Did you know that FaceBook usage is growing fastest among women over 55 years of age? Think about the Marketing possibilities!

Now you can find women in prime-of-life spending years … exactly where they want to be and where studies show they are spending A LOT of TIME!

Facebook has become the female boomer’s social outlet, her daily phone call, her special place to “reach out and touch someone,” her dinner table, her photo album, and as one woman said … FaceBook has become her “livingroom.”

Any sound Direct Marketing effort must reflect the latest in Social Network testing in places like YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, Blogs, Podcasts and all relevant viral marketing outlets to give your business greater exposure. Social Network Marketing also opens up new direct marketing venues, boosts Google visibility, and ultimately drives web traffic from multiple sources.

Outsource Marketing is leading the way in Social Marketing. We get it! We understand that these viral marketing outlets are the next wave of direct marketing opportunities. We understand that whoever masters these new human places and personal communication spaces will take full control and command of the market and fully exploit every conceivable selling opportunity.